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A website set up to share my story, to reach out to other men going through a similar journey and to help raise awareness of male infertility and mental health.

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So on the last Friday of every month @them_ancave on Instagram I will be going live at 7pm for the show ”The Man Chat” with different guest speaker every month! I don’t want this to be all serious though, so if you are easily offended then maybe take a rain check….. What you will definitelyContinue reading “THE MAN CHAT”

Six men tell their stories openly and honestly about the male perspective of fertility treatment.

The Last Friday of every month i will be doing a Instagram live chat with a Special guest talking all things fertility and Mental Health

The beautiful and amazing Rhian Sugden showing her support for Them_ancave and the importance of spreading awareness for Male Infertility
The lovely Sarah Mulindwa the star of E4’s The Sex Clinic showing her support for them_ancave

Thank you all for your continued Support from family, friends and even people in the Public eye with out your support none of this would be possible.


Snowballs is a scientifically backed cooling underwear that was conceived as a natural fertility aid for men if interested in any products follow link https://www.snowballsunderwear.com/?rfsn=4379025.77293a


The Male Infertility Podcast

Check this podcast out guys, loads of stories from different men on their fertility journey’s; these have helped me on my journey and I’m sure they can bring you some comfort too.

Remember your not alone!!!!

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